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Coventry Lighting Designs
Starting in November 2010 the Coventry Street Lighting PFI will see the replacement of over 25,000 street lights and 7,000 associated units (such as signs and lit bollards etc).
For many Coventry residents the most notable change will be on your street. The existing lighting will be upgraded in line with current British and European Standards and Coventry City Council’s specification.

Old Lighting
In most residential streets the existing lighting is of an ‘orange colour’, commonly produced with 35W ‘Sox’ lamps. This lighting is inefficient both in terms of energy usage and light control. As the drawing shown here indicates, the amount of light distributed over the adopted highway is almost equal to the wasted light that is directed into gardens and into the sky.
The existing 35W lamps require approx 65W to operate as they have aging and ineffective control gear.

New Lighting
The new street lighting is much more energy efficient. A 45W lamp requires only 51W to operate as it has modern control gear. This increased efficiency means that less energy per unit is used. The new street lights can also be dimmed to further reduce energy.
On residential streets ‘white light’ will allow colours to be recognised and faces to be seen. Consistent lighting will prevent ‘dark spots’ and pedestrians will be able to see much further down the street.
New street lights have optics that direct light onto the adopted highway. They also focus the light downwards to avoid light pollution and sky glow. This optical control allows for larger column spacings to be used.
The combination of increased efficiency, better quality light and modern light distribution will mean that on many roads the street lights will be replaced with the same quantity and in some streets, fewer columns will be required.
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Old and New street lighting example