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As part of the replacement programme, street lighting will be re-designed to meet current European standards. New columns may be installed in the same location as the existing columns or, to improve the quality of the lighting in an area, the new columns may need to be positioned in different places.

For further details of the new lighting works you can click here to see the background and rational behind the PFI replacement programme.

If you have any queries regarding the replacement programme, please make an appointment with a Customer Care Officer by calling 0800 032 1714 or send an email to
A circle with a cross and the letters "SL" will be marked to indicate the proposed position of each lighting column about a week before the installation. Please note that once the column is installed it is unlikely that its position will be altered.
Throughout the replacement programme, local residents and businesses will be kept fully informed through leaflets and letters as we commence operations in each area.
Four Month Programme (Last Updated 26 January 2015)
Banner Lane (C)Woodlands 
Binley RoadSt Michaels 
Binley Road (I)St Michaels 
Binton Road (C)Henley 
Black Prince Avenue (B)Cheylesmore 
Bramble StreetSt Michaels 
Co-Operative StreetLongford 
Coronation RoadSt Michaels View Scheme
Eathorpe CloseHenley 
Egret WalkLongford 
F P Bedlam Lane From No 10 To No 26Longford 
F P Bell Green Road Spring RoadLongford 
F P Charminster Drive From No 81 To No 103Cheylesmore 
F P Cotswold Drive To Howes Lane Open SpaceWainbody 
F P Deedmore Road To Petitor CrescentHenley 
F P Foleshill ParkHolbrook 
F P High Beech From No 17 To Park Hill LaneWoodlands 
F P Hillmorton Rd 184 Around Green - 214Henley 
F P Lapworth Rd Opp 58 - Foot BridgeHenley 
F P Lapworth Rd Side 101 - River WalkHenley 
F P Larkfield Way From No 54 To Park Hill LaneWoodlands 
F P Parkville Highway To Nunts Lane Side Of No 89Holbrook 
F P Phoenix Way Stoney Stanton Rd-TowPatFoleshill 
F P River Walk Brookstray Area (F)Longford 
F P Swanswell ParkSt Michaels 
F P Waterman Road To Eden StreetFoleshill 
Far Gosford Street (C)St Michaels 
George Park CloseHenley 
Gulson RoadSt Michaels 
Haseley RoadHenley 
Hearsall Common (B)Whoberley 
Holyhead Road (Safeways Access)Whoberley 
Lillington Road (C)Henley 
London Road (C)St Michaels 
London Road (D)St Michaels 
River Walk (C)Longford 
Sky Blue Way (C)St Michaels 
Stoney Stanton Road (G)Foleshill 
Swan Lane (C)Foleshill 
The Park Paling (B)Cheylesmore 
Vecqueray StreetSt Michaels 
Watcombe Road Rear AccessHenley 
Whitley VillageCheylesmore 
William Bristow Road (B)Cheylesmore 
Barracks WaySt Michaels 
Binley Road Service Road 66 To 106 (B)Lower Stoke View Scheme
Bond StreetSt Michaels 
Bond StreetSt Michaels 
Broad Lane (G)Whoberley 
Chauntry PlaceSt Michaels 
Croft RoadSt Michaels 
Croft RoadSt Michaels 
Croft Road Access To The Skydome  
F P Cook Street City Gate To Ringway Swanswell  
F P River Walk Brookstray AreaLongford 
Greyfriars Road (B)St Michaels 
Henry StreetSt Michaels 
Hill StreetSt Michaels 
Hillmorton Road (D)Longford 
Lower Holyhead RoadSt Michaels 
River WalkLongford 
Rover RoadSt Michaels 
Starley RoadSt Michaels 
Watch CloseSt Michaels 
Barracks Service RoadSt Michaels 
Cook StreetSt Michaels 
Cook StreetSt Michaels 
Cope StreetSt Michaels 
Dunchurch HighwayWoodlands 
Dunchurch Highway (B)Woodlands 
Dunchurch Highway (C)Woodlands 
Dunchurch Highway (D)Woodlands 
Dunchurch Highway (E)Woodlands 
Foleshill Road (H)Radford 
Foleshill Road (I)Radford 
Foleshill Road (J)Radford 
Greyfriars Lane (B)St Michaels 
Grove Street  
Holbrook WayHolbrook 
Lamb StreetSt Michaels 
Lamb StreetSt Michaels 
Palmer LaneSt Michaels 
Palmer LaneSt Michaels 
Salt LaneSt Michaels 
Salt LaneSt Michaels 
Salt Lane - Car Park (Pay on Foot)  
Silver StreetSt Michaels 
Warwick LaneSt Michaels 
Warwick LaneSt Michaels 
Whitefriars Lane (B)St Michaels 
Whitefriars Street (B)St Michaels 
Last Updated 26 January 2015