What we do

As well as managing and maintaining the existing inventory of street lighting and illuminated assets, we deliver a number of other services including highway electrical works and upgrades to LED lighting. 

Across Coventry, we offer any developer, consultant, contractor or infrastructure organisation the following services:

  • Design of street lighting and electrical schemes to the required PFI standards and specifications
  • Delivery of maintenance works on any type of highway scheme within Coventry and beyond the City boundaries
  • Supply and installation of street lighting and road signage to a guaranteed adoptable standard
  • Term maintenance of existing external lighting and electrical schemes
  • Supply power provision to remote structures such as street advertising displays and bus shelters
  • Seamless adoption process for developers or others wishing to install assets which are for accrual into the PFI. All adoptable works are ultimately approved by Balfour Beatty and Coventry City Council.

We work with a variety of leading lighting manufacturers to design and install the latest LED technology to deliver many benefits, such as:

  • Energy savings of 50% or more
  • Significant reductions in carbon emissions
  • Rapid paybacks of capital invested.

For a free, no obligation quotation,

please contact enquiries@lightingcoventry.com

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